Coverage and Services

Our health insurances have a wide range of coverage:

+ Primary Medicine

Primary Medicine

Family practitioner and nurses:

Consultation at the clinic.When the insured cannot come to the consultation due to an illness or some other medical reason, a home visit will be carried out.

Paediatrics and infant care:

Assistance up to 16 years of age. Includes preventive and development check-ups.

+ Emergencies


You will be taken care of in cases of emergency.
There are permanent emergency centers available for this purpose.
Assistance will be provided at home if the patient requires it, and it will be given by a general practitioner or a registered nurse affiliated with the insurer.

+ Specialties


The healthcare covers the following areas:
    – Pathology
    – Vascular surgery
    – Gastrointestinal
    – Cardiology
    – Dermatology
    – Endocrinology and Nutrition
    – Internal Medicine
    – Neurology
    – Ophtalmology
    – Oncology
    – Otolaryngology
    – Podiatry
    – Psychology
    – Psychiatry
    – Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy
    – Rheumatology
    – Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery.
    – Treatment including ozone therapy for herniated discs,
    – Urology. .

+ Diagnostic Means

Diagnostic Means

Includes diagnostic techniques that are recognized as standard in medical practice.

Clinical analyses

Radiological :
Including the use of contrast mediums

Other diagnostic means :
Doppler cardiac test, ultrasound, electrocardiography, electromyography, fibro-endoscopy,

High technology diagnostic methods:
For example ergometry, holter, nuclear medicine, electro-physiological and therapeutic studies, nuclear magnetic resonance, CT scan.

+ Hospitalisation


Medical hospitalisation, with or without surgical intervention, will be undertaken in the certified centres of the insurer. The patient occupies an individual room  and a companion bed. The costs of an operating room are covered for including anaesthetic products and medicines used in the surgery and during the hospitalisation, the treatment, and general catering of the patient.

Hospitalisation for pregnancy

Paediatric hospitalisation

Hospitalisation in intensive care

Psychiatric hospitalisation

+ Second Medical Opinion

Second Medical Opinion

A second opinion is an evaluation of the diagnostic and the treatment which has been given to an insured, who suffers from certain serious illnesses. The evaluation will be done by recognised experts

+ Travel Assistance

Travel Assistance

Private health insurances normally include coverage for urgent medical assistance in any foreign country in the case of an accident or a unforseen disease that occurres during the trip. This coverage is in most cases valid for a maximum of 90 consecutive days.

+ Dental Care

Dental Care

Some health insurances offer basic dental care within the policy or as a supplementary option, for example:
    – Consultations
    – Dental extractions
    – Radiography

Other dental services are usually not included in the coverage as such. However, as a policy holder you will receive discounts on standard prices from your company.